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New education system - skills development basics

New education system - skills development basics

This is the second article from the education reform cycle. In the first article of the cycle, we examined the problem of the discrepancy between the education system and the development of the value (significance) of a person.

Let's look at the important elements of skill development:

  1. Motivation is the main element in the development of any skill. Man most efficiently develops what he feels is necessary;
  2. The availability of knowledge specific to a particular skill;
  3. Accessibility of the environment in which the skill can be developed;
  4. The level of talent for a particular skill.

We will analyze each element and its significance for the development of a particular skill.

Motivation is king.
Everything that a person has ever achieved or will achieve was dictated by motivation.
Motivation is the basis of any of our actions, however, motivation can be different - in one case, motivation is dictated by necessity, and in the other, by curiosity (interest). Even only a born child already has a built-in motivation mechanism to breathe air, eat milk, and also comprehend new things. The child grows and curiosity pushes him to learn how to roll over, raise and hold his head, stand on his feet and so on.

An adult is generally able to determine his own motivation, while in relation to other people, motivation is not always easy to determine. Thus, in the topic of parenting and skills training, the key question is to identify and stimulate the child’s motivation. When a child has no motivation to master a skill, then in this case we observe a situation when, for example, the child does not want to dress independently or eat a spoon. We can stimulate motivation by refusing to help dress the child and thus creating the need.
 As applied to kindergarten, many parents face problems in developing skills in clear speech, reading, and writing. This is primarily due to the influence of the environment, which does not create the need for these skills. Why read books if you can watch videos on YouTube or Instagram?

Further at school, an even more sad situation ensues - the child simply does not understand why he needs mathematics, physics, chemistry, because the environment does not involve the use of this knowledge, unless parents specifically create conditions for this. For him, it is much more important to be able to type on the keyboard than to write on paper. It’s more important to be able to quickly view content than to study it.

But there are methods of motivation through interest - for example, try to give your child the task of preparing some recipe. As a rule, in any recipe there is a weight of ingredients in grams - this will enable the child to understand the meaning of physical mass and simple arithmetic. The process of mixing ingredients is a basic understanding of a chemical reaction. But the most important thing is that the child will develop the most important cooking skill.

To be continued


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Развитие навыков - очень многогранный и сложный процесс, на который влияет чуть ли не все. Но самое важное - это уровень таланта ребенка и какого рода занятия подходят ему больше всего.

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