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New education system - knowledge Vs skills

New education system - knowledge Vs skills

As the world changes, education systems around the world remain unchanged, irrevocably losing their relevance. The main brake on the development of new educational systems is the mentality of people in whose hands management decisions are concentrated. Let's not forget that these people are usually over 50, and they have lived all their lives in reality, where accumulated knowledge determines the value of a person. In other words, the more you know, the more value you bring.

With the development of the Internet and open knowledge resources, such as Wikipedia, the value of knowledge began to devalue at a tremendous speed, and as a result, a gap has arisen between the “older” and “younger” generations in assessing the value of a person. While the “older” generation values ​​a person for what he knows, the “younger” generation values ​​a person for what he knows.
In other words, the value of man in our time is determined by his skills

And here we come to the problem of the adopted education system, which is aimed specifically at the acquisition of broad knowledge. Let's look at a standard set of school subjects: mathematics, literature, physics, chemistry, biology, history... Each subject in the current teaching system essentially represents a significant set of knowledge and a very limited set of skills from the point of view of practical use.

Take mathematics - in everyday life we ​​use only simple arithmetic operations. What is the use of studying limits, integrals, series in a school? Solving equations with many unnatural? Why are we wasting our children’s time by loading information into their brain that they will never use?

If necessary, we get the necessary knowledge from the Internet when we delve into one or another sphere - finance, construction, programming, history, etc.
You may ask - but where does the knowledge come from on the Internet? After all, someone should place them there. And the answer here is simple - these are people who are specialists in a particular field. Historians post knowledge of historical events, facts and interpretations. Mathematicians publish research results.

A school should develop in children a set of skills important for competition, as well as provide an overview and entry points into a particular sphere, and support the child if he has an interest in the sphere.


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