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New education system - knowledge Vs skills

As the world changes, education systems around the world remain unchanged, irrevocably losing their relevance. The main brake on the development of new educational systems is the mentality of people in whose hands management decisions are concentrated. Let's not forget that these people are usually over 50, and they have lived all their lives in reality, where accumulated knowledge...

New education system - skills development basics

This is the second article from the education reform cycle. In the first article of the cycle, we examined the problem of the discrepancy between the education system and the development of the value (significance) of a person.
Let's look at the important elements of skill development:
Motivation is the main element in the development of any skill. Man most efficiently develops what...

5 Reasons Why the U.S. Education System Is Failing

There once was a time when the well-established system of education all across America was revered and seen as a benchmark for excellence. But when we look at the same education system today, we see that it has failed to adapt with the changing times. This is only an overarching reason for the failure of the system though, with the top 5 reasons discussed below.
No Involvement of...

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