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Good school bad school

Good school bad school

Children, as a rule, do not distinquish between good and bad schools, but perceive the school as a given. However, if you ask a child what he thinks about his school, you can quite easily understand whether he thinks the school is good or bad. We tried to put together the top reasons why students think that their school is bad/good.

So, the top 5 reasons why students think their school is bad:

  1. Unsafe Environments: Conflict, violence, bullying or insufficient safety measures can create feelings of uncertainty and fear in students, which interfere with normal learning and negatively impact their learning and development.
  2. Excessive workload: If teachers put too much pressure on students to get better grades in any way, this usually leads to nervous breakdowns and apathy in students towards their studies.
  3. Inexperienced teachers: And we are talking about a lack of experience specifically in psychological terms. Inexperienced teachers often care too much about their authority (or rather, authoritarianism) in the classroom and do not understand the importance of compromise.
  4. Uninteresting to learn: Lack of personalization causes children who are ahead of the curriculum to lose interest in learning, since the teacher often repeats the same lessons, targeting students who are behind.
  5. Imposing opinions: Promoting specific political views is usually perceived by students as uninteresting and inappropriate.


And next are the top 5 reasons why students think their school is good:

  1. Safe and supportive environment: A good school provides a safe and encouraging learning environment where pupils can feel comfortable, secure and accepted. The absence of bullying, violence and conflict contributes to effective learning and development.
  2. Take into account the child's opinion: Teachers understand the strengths and weaknesses of students in the class and, in addition to working with the team, work with each individual student.
  3. Teachers-psychologists: In a good school, a teacher is always a bit of a psychologist, and understands when and where you need to show patience and gentleness, and when you need to be tough and demanding. The teacher understands the psychological portrait and motivation of each child and actively uses this data in his work.
  4. Fun to learn: There are many videos on the Internet showing how resourceful teachers present knowledge on seemingly boring subjects in a playful way. Children really enjoy practical activities (experiments) and various life hacks.
  5. There are great clubs and sections: A good school provides students with a variety of opportunities to develop and explore their talents and interests in various areas, including sports, art, science, technology and public service.

We parents often rely on our own concepts and principles when evaluating a school, such as overall performance and reputation. At the same time, the child’s attitude towards school is no less important, although, unfortunately, it is often ignored by adults. We encourage all parents of schoolchildren to communicate more often with their children about school and attitudes towards school, because this way we can influence the school and the educational system as a whole.


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