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The hidden weakness of online education

Distance education is fast becoming the norm. We ourselves study remotely, and our children are actively switching to online learning.
However, in addition to the advantages of distance learning, there are also disadvantages, often implicit, but very significant. Knowing the disadvantages, we, as parents, will be able to compensate them with our actions
Deficiency 1 - Weak...

New education system - knowledge Vs skills

As the world changes, education systems around the world remain unchanged, irrevocably losing their relevance. The main brake on the development of new educational systems is the mentality of people in whose hands management decisions are concentrated. Let's not forget that these people are usually over 50, and they have lived all their lives in reality, where accumulated knowledge...

New education system - skills development basics

This is the second article from the education reform cycle. In the first article of the cycle, we examined the problem of the discrepancy between the education system and the development of the value (significance) of a person.
Let's look at the important elements of skill development:
Motivation is the main element in the development of any skill. Man most efficiently develops what...

The Best Colleges for Business 2019

In every student's life there comes a time when they have to decide in which field they will peruse their studies.  Then their next step is to find the right university for them. If you are an undergraduate and want to study business and to manage from UK and US, you’re in the right place. Because here we give you a heads start to deciding which university best suits...

5 Career Options For Ghostwriters

Writing is indeed one of the best and the most creative job a person can do if they possess a very innovative and creative mind that is able to compile all the facts or even fragmentation of mind to form something unique and interesting for the world to read.
Ghostwriting is also a career that writers can adapt easily if they extra talent to be able to write anything using their imaginations...

What Are the Core Courses of a Marketing Management Major?

If you think you are a natural fit in the marketing management world, you might be right. However, sometimes being naturally fit at a subject does not mean you can jump into a profession without considering it well.
To help students get a better look into the subject, its courses at the UK and US we’ve taken a closer look at what the degree means, what it requires and what the outcomes...

What You Need to Know about College Tuition Costs

Tuition costs keep soaring high as many students, and their families now wonder how they could ever afford such high costs. Since the 1990’s, tuition rates have increased by about250% across both public and private National Universities, along with similar increases have taken place in community colleges as well. Getting an education has, literally, never been so expensive ever...

How Students Can Find Mental Health Services on Campus

Colleges around America are now increasingly becoming more and more aware about the seriousness of mental health and their role in helping their students power through them. Many colleges have now started to increase the services they offerin order to help their kids in battling mental diseases such as depression, anxiety and many others.
Students Facing Such Issues
There are many still...

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

All students regardless of what profession they belong to, come across the world of business where they will be expected to deal with times of crisis efficiently and lead the team on in a manner both progressive and motivating.
 Keeping this in mind, they must learn at one point in their live how businesses function, the certain aims and goals they have in mind and most importantly, the...

2019 Best Colleges Preview

Confused about which schools to apply to? The process of selecting universities is always a very complicated one, especially when you don't have anyone to guide you through it. But you're good to go because you have us! To help you find your way in the right direction, we present to you the best public universities for you.
College of William and Mary (VA)
The second oldest...

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