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U.S. Teachers See Digital Devices as Net Plus for Education

U.S. Teachers See Digital Devices as Net Plus for Education

A recent survey showed that US teachers see digital services as a positive for student education. The whole world is going digital, and most of the services are easily accessible on digital platforms. Interactive workspaces are being built on applications like Schoology, where you can have coursework being put online and interactions taking place on forms. The digital realm has made education more accessible and has provided another dimension to students for creative learning.

However, the survey also showed that teachers believe that these digital services have an adverse effect on the students' mental and physical health. It is to be believed that many students prefer using virtual experiences rather than a real one.


The digital realm has brought with it a choice on whether one wants to remain in a virtual realm or the real one, which has made many students to choose to game and wasting time on these services rather than doing physical exercise. In the department of mental health, the anxieties and social pressures have increased with the open virtual realm of social media that is accessible by all.

Teachers fear that the translation of real to virtual has happened too rapidly and not many people have solutions to create a balance between the two realities.

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