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USA TODAY partnering with CBS to find education solutions across America: Standards editor

The work of a journalist isn't usually specified by fields. They are supposed to know everything about everything as it happens. Readers demand an educated point of view to read and absorb about the daily workings. Be that political, social or scientific news; readers want to know from us what the facts are.

So to cut it short, journalists are always on the learning curve, once you're a journalist learning never stops. Due to this commonality in journalists, CBS and USA, today have collaborated in looking for a solution for the persistent problem with US's education problem.


The reason why we hold education so dearly is that all of us journalists were influenced greatly by our teachers. In the past there weren't many choices for education, the methods were fairly standard and parents knew exactly the stream they were supposed to follow for their children, the times have changed now and there are a world of options from which parents have to pick and choose, you have the virtual realm and then array of schooling options.

For this reason, we want to help the parents in the realm of social activity is much different now. We have social media bullying which distracts students as their whole personality gets attacked. At CBS and USA today we are going to look for solutions to these very real problems faced by students, and help out the parents to navigate through this mess.

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