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Teachers in Arizona and Colorado Walk Out Over Education Funding

Teachers in Arizona and Colorado Walk Out Over Education Funding

Education is an answer to every wrong-doing in the world. However, not many countries in the world pay the due respect that they should to this sector. Education funding isn't adequate, and that's a fact. In Arizona and Colorado, teachers walked out of their classes to demand more funding for public schools.

 They realize that education is being overlooked and they're not going to have any more of it. Hundreds of schools were shut down due to the walkouts of teachers, and most of them turned up at downtown Phoenix chanting for an increase in funding and an increase in taxes.


The streets of Phoenix were crimson, and you could hear the chants "Red for Ed" throughout. The protests by public workers were going on in a stronghold for conservatives, and that was a political shocker for the party.

An increase in taxes is being demanded off the government as teachers believe they don't have the necessary balance to be running a school or be giving proper top class education to students. Public schools in the US run on government funds, and if the size of the pie they get gets smaller and smaller, it'll be hard for them to provide any proper education to the students.

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