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What’s going on with New York’s Elite Public High Schools?

What’s going on with New York’s Elite Public High Schools?

The specialized high schools of New York seem to be a model of opportunity due to their outstanding academic records and the fact that they are free to attend. The schools serve approximately 18,000 students every year. Admissions are based on the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT).

However, a bill has been put forward by Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York city to get rid of the SHSAT. The problem with the SHSAT is very few black and Latino students are in specialized students. The Mayor said that a new system should be made that would admit the top 7% of students at every public middle school and make a collective student body of white, black and Latino’s.


Many criticize the bill saying that it would kill a straight forward assessment test that applies to all schools. Asian parents have become upset as these elite public schools are the only ones that require a test only entrance and have international reputation.

The root of the conflict is the unequally distributed resources due to very little excellent schools and too few seats in these elite schools.

To move ahead with the bill, de Blasio will have to change the state law or reform the screened schools in a large scale.

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