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Ducey offers teachers 20% pay raise by 2020

Ducey offers teachers 20% pay raise by 2020

As Arizona educators debilitate to strike over low wages, Gov. Doug Ducey disclosed a modified spending proposition April 12 that offers teachers a 9-percent pay knock in the following school year.

The senator's most recent arrangement still won't raise charges to produce new income. Also, not at all like a contending proposition drifted by House Republican pioneers, it won't clear cash from different wellsprings of subsidizing proposed for K-12 schools, similar to the $371 million Ducey promised to class areas for capital needs like new school transports, course readings and office support.


Sometime earlier, Ducey had portrayed educators revitalizing behind the "Red for Ed" development as participating in "political theater." Ducey had an entirely different reaction."I've said I'm in favor of the educators, and we've been tuning in, and I've been working," Ducey said.

Ducey's proposition depends on an assortment of sources, as higher-than-normal state incomes and new dollars accessible from the authoritative augmentation of the Proposition 301 training deals assess. Ducey has additionally proposed diminishing state government working spending plans to pay for the proposition.State spending examiners as of late assessed there might be $46 million in continuous incomes accessible on account of solid income accumulations.

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