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Family paid $1.5 million to get student into top US University

Family paid $1.5 million to get student into top US University

Ivy Coach filled a lawsuit last week in which it charged a woman $1.5 million USD to help her enrol her daughter in elite colleges. Not only this, she also applied to top seven boarding schools that she wanted to attend before college.

The fee was worth it as the daughter was granted an early admission in an Ivy League Institution in December. The lawsuit is charged against the women as only half of the fee is paid. The Ivy Coach claims to provide guidance and help to the daughter in applying to 22 colleges.


However, only 21 names have been submitted to the Higher Education. These include Amherst, Dartmouth and Williams Colleges; Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, New York, North-western, Princeton, Stanford, Tufts Universities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, Chicago, Pennsylvania and Southern California.

The mother has not yet paid fully as she is waiting to see the results before making the final payment. The family ensures that they will pay the full fee and honour the contract. There has been no comment on this from the Ivy Coach. The lawsuit has been posted on the website of the Ivy Coach.

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