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Los Angeles, 90045-3505, 9045 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90045-3505
Otis is a great alternative to Art Center. It's a friendlier environment and the student body is suited to for students coming from high school and community college. The new addition to the campus is really going to change the environment and make it even more communal because they are now going to offer on camps dorms. The education is awesome and like anything you need to work hard to receive the full benefits.
Los Angeles, 90007, 10 Chester Pl., Los Angeles, California 90007
I've enjoyed the beautiful campus as a first year student. The education you receive here at the mount is incredible and worth all the money. However, you must be a excellent student academically in order to continue to receive enough financial aid. The school is obviously expensive because it is a private school. I recommend this school for students with a great GPA.
Los Angeles, 90028-4622, 6752 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, California 90028
Exceptionally personable and wise, the staff all guided us, in the path of learning, while we were able to create music, with our training, and trainers, beside us the entire journey. The fresh equipment was a easy comparison, to what we will use in the field. I truly wish I Had taken advantage of counseling and employment services, because what little I did use them, it was extremely helpful and accessible.
Los Angeles, 91356-1411, 18618 Oxnard St, Tarzana, California 91356-1411
Amazing talent has succeeded at this hands-on college and we are lucky to have been working with some of them and helping promote them both offline and online in their careers following graduation from this amazing film college! There are many large changes underway that are being elevated to make this college even more seamless, engaging and educational coming in the near future and we can't wait to see what they do!
Los Angeles, 90010, 3580 Wilshire blvd suite 400, Los Angeles, California 90010
It depends on what language course you're taking. Very good for NT2 students, OK/average for any other language. The language center doesn't have its own unique method but relies on its teachers, whom are usually freelancers, to give direction to the course. If you're looking for a place to learn Dutch language in an intensive manner but with professional teachers that help you really grow in language skills; here's the best place to study.
Los Angeles, 90010, 3440 Wilshire Blvd Ste 310, Los Angeles, California 90010
I am just about to finish my first module and so far all I have to say is that this school has been great. I love that you are allowed to make payments and they really do try to help & work with your budget. Classes are great and Mr. Lopez is an awesome teacher. Good college and very helpful education to succeed and pursue your career. The teachers are also great at guiding you through the subjects.
New York, 10023, 211 West 61st Street
I have hear a lot about this college from my Trio teacher he went there to major in theater, he is really good at singing and dancing, I have see him on the internet. He has told be about this college because I want to be some an actor/singer when I am older. I have been in two acting play as a little kid. I went to Camp Creamery for three years, it had came to my home town. I was in Merlin's Apprentice and The Deadly Dragon, and The Unknowns Freak Out Roswell. Those plays were the best thing that happened to me. That is why I want to go to AMDA College.
Eminence, 40019, 254 W Broadway, Eminence, KY 40019, USA
A good educational institution that will give your child a powerful knowledge of mathematics and physics, chemistry and biology and computer science. All subjects are taught by highly skilled teachers. Also, this school has many rewards, for different kind of competitions and Olympiads. The school is not bad, but it is really difficult to study there — except that your child is really talented.
Okolona, 38860, 104 North East Street
My wife could not quit work, first hired a nanny, now our nurse is abroad and it is difficult for us to find a careful and decent person who would normally treat the child. Began to be interested in this institution. Plus, that's taking up such small children as our son-in-a-year and five months. We decided on what to try to go and so far everything is fine, only a little far away to get here.
Ontario, 97914-3423, 650 College Blvd, Ontario, Oregon 97914
The school is normal and provides normal education. Regarding difficulty, he studied, this was not the case. Learn, you sell everything on time, and nobody touches you. Scoring for a trainee, doing the same with you. It happened that even if the screw was scratched, but he still studied and came, he told something there, you put it too longs and you are free. They will praise and look at you as a normal student who did something their, and not as a blank place.
San Antonio, 78249, 10401 IH 10 W, San Antonio, Texas 78230-1736
I do not regret having graduated from this institute! Do not even listen to those who are not determined in this life and try to talk to him. It would be great pleasure to study again. Thanks to all teachers, trainers and, of course, fellow students, for what they have been taught, showed and went through this way with me. I want a steep career growth, love, family comfort and warmth.
Phoenix, 85032-7042, 2625 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85032-7097
Good universities have a plus and a minus. This is some of the most famous and higher university, this is really true. Teachers are professional in their own work, but mainly focus on students as well as studying. Getting to study is erudite, but at all not rich. We want to finish with the signs, but we assume that it will not be easy to do as it seems to me now. Help us, my lord!
Philadelphia, 19103-6107, 1726 Locust St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
I study here a year. Satisfied with everyone. Teachers are excellent people, they know their subject, have a sense of humor. Explain all available words, if something is not understood, to explain again. Individual approach to each student. With pluses, a great lunch break and a comfortable location, responsive leadership that at any time solves problems and answers questions.
Houston, 77061-4004, 7651 Airport Blvd., Houston, Texas 77061
Aviation Institute of Maintenance-Houston — the best and the coolest school. Who does not respond badly, he has never been and did not study here. I learn, my brothers studied and lived in a hostel. Come and see what classes we have. And what a hostel! I am grateful to people who advised you to study at this school. I liked living in a hostel. We are very well-placed. If you follow all the rules, then there are no problems.
Los Angeles, 90010, 3530 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1430
Excellent university, and the session can be without money to bet, if you have been touring and not stroll, everything is handed in on time, or walk and redeem. No one needs money, and those who work is not worse! Do you want to give yourself a drink? Will help for a separate fee, because what is less for a certain amount is not — it is not true, there is also less, looking how you submitted yourself during the school year! The best university.
New York, 10018, 312 West 36 Street, 2nd Floor
Well, what can you say. Studied 3 years old received a scholarship with a delay, but received. Teachers are normal, especially craftsmen. The fact that it is cold in some classes is a minus, I can not justify that. Sports hall is cold that winter and fridge is not required. Computer hardware is old. And so nothing, you can study. With the diploma of the locksmith collector of aircraft, settled in the flight testing institute.
New York, 10031, 240 Convent Avenue
HIGH SCHOOL MATH SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING AT CCNY, and most want the best people in the field are the ones who fight at all costs to be as above, and better than the others. So let's talk about this wonderful school because it has everything to study in a way that makes the most useful for your future that you do a good thing that will be eventually because those who chose that you like are with him until the end.
New York, 10035, 240 E 123rd St, New York, NY 10035, USA
HARLEM PREP Charter School, some people do not know the formal ones that lose people they are the most heroic deeds, get one of the best and wonderful people who will always struggle to make a new future with oamni of those in school as alternating current EIA, which make all research together with you to become a good man with a good confession, so let's talk about the school, it is very good, with great significance for those who intend to fight to the end.
New York, 10040, 549 Audubon Avenue
HIGH SCHOOL FOR MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS, the most important thing in a human being to become a professional in his chosen field is when the person can communicate at a high level of conversation. What is the wonderful school that deals with is that each of us is capable of something very beautiful but this requires a lot of perseverance, discipline and patience. The school is run by the most friendly people who always help you in need.
New York, 10040, 549 Audubon Avenue
HIGH SCHOOL FOR LAW & PUBLIC SERVICE For my part, the best and most active people are those who have taught all their lives all the time and who always or plan to become one of the best in the given field. is kept in a very complex state because people who work in this wonderful place are one of those who offer the best for children and their future.Good luck Dear students.
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