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5 Career Options For Ghostwriters

5 Career Options For Ghostwriters

Writing is indeed one of the best and the most creative job a person can do if they possess a very innovative and creative mind that is able to compile all the facts or even fragmentation of mind to form something unique and interesting for the world to read.

Ghostwriting is also a career that writers can adapt easily if they extra talent to be able to write anything using their imaginations and ideas but the voice of another person, rather than using their own tone in the content. Simple writing, whichever kind it is of, only requires excellent writing skills but ghostwriting requires understanding skill, talent to use someone else’s voice and ultimate writing skills to be able to excel in their career. People have this belief that ghostwriting is not a worthy job and it does not pay enough, this thought can only be considered as one of the myth, as every ghostwriter, whether they are a fiction ghostwriter or ghostwriter nonfiction, earns more than an ordinary brain can think of.

The salary scale of the most inexpensive ghostwriter starts from $15000, and as the expertise and experience increased the salary goes all the way up to $500,000. So it would certainly be a waste of time and talent to not to start a career in it and wait for your own book to get published after so many years.

There is a number of career option for ghostwriters that they can begin with in order to start grossing a reasonable amount of money to bear their bread and wine. Let’s discuss a few of the best profession a ghostwriter can turn their career into.

1. Novel Ghostwriter

Novel ghostwriters or fiction ghostwriters are the most talented writers out of all. If a person has the capability to create a story using only their imaginations and mythological thoughts, and as well they have an aptitude to cover someone else voice then the best option for them is to become one of the novel ghostwriters and help the authors to complete their novels or fiction books. Some authors hire the novel ghostwriters to get help for a few chapters whereas some hire the ghostwriters to write the entire novel. Either way, it provides the novel ghostwriters a suitable platform to improve their writing skills.

2. Toast Ghostwriter

Toast ghostwriters are hired by people who lack writing skills and want to deliver an effective or emotional toast at different events like on the wedding receptions, engagement parties, or on the corporate dinners and luncheons. If someone believes that they are the best at writing the emotional contents and speeches can become toast ghostwriters and can earn a fortune out of it.

3. Academic Ghostwriter

Academic ghostwriters are hired to provide the ghostwriter nonfiction services to students or researchers by helping them with their project reports and documentation, thesis, white papers, research papers, dissertations, and anything that relates to fact-based research and writing. They are the best in conducting the research to verify the facts and truths in order to make a composition based on that study.

4. Social Media Ghostwriter

Social media ghostwriters are expert as impersonating and pretend to be someone else on the social media. They are hired by celebrities mostly to maintain their social activities on the internet and expose them as an active member by engaging in the discussions and respond to their fans. If someone thinks they have the ability to disguise as another person with complete perfection, then they should target on becoming the social media ghostwriter. And according to different researches social media ghostwriters earn more than other ghostwriters as they are hired by the celebrities, they get paid a lot for maintaining a social profile and upholding their secret by keeping their identity hidden.

5. Ghost Blogger

Ghost bloggers are hired by the many companies or online businesses to get their blogs or articles written in a very high-quality in order to improve their SEO ranking. If someone believes that they are capable of using the keywords appropriately and eligible to contribute in the SEO work, then they should become ghost bloggers and help others to get their websites popular.


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