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What Are the Core Courses of a Marketing Management Major?

What Are the Core Courses of a Marketing Management Major?

If you think you are a natural fit in the marketing management world, you might be right. However, sometimes being naturally fit at a subject does not mean you can jump into a profession without considering it well.

To help students get a better look into the subject, its courses at the UK and US we’ve taken a closer look at what the degree means, what it requires and what the outcomes are once you become a marketing professional.

The marketing management major is a degree which aims to build and keep deep adroitness and ability in the art and science of deciding which customers to serve; to decide your target customers and to grow your customer number by keeping in mind the worth of the product in the customer's view.

Major in marketing management will increase the students' skills and capacity in devising the latest methods and tactics to understand customer behavior more effectively and hence coming up with specific marketing strategies.

 In the US and UK, this degree prepares the students to be responsive to the environment by building in them technical skills and abilities to compete in the areas of marketing and management.

Marketing majors chose courses for themselves for various forms of careers. These could be corporate or non-profit based management; or they could choose courses in marketing fields that range from advertising and sales, product management, strategic market planning, to accounting management, etc.

Students with a major degree in marketing management can look towards many career opportunities with small and large companies that may represent electronic commerce, consumer’s goods, etc. Marketing managers often get a chance to collaborate with professionals to come up with strategies and looking at different consumer patterns.


Universities at the States as well as the UK involve their students well into the courses offered under the branch of the degree with the help of lectures, case studies, simulations, and various readings. With these techniques, the courses aim to review the ways to proceed towards product selection, communication management, marketing distribution, pricing, etc.

Other than the required courses for the degree, students can choose from different electives to form a program of study to match their interests, skills and of course their career objectives.

The prerequisites in most of the universities at both locations include a high school diploma or an equivalent, and a bachelor’s degree is required for graduate programs at admission. These programs are available at both graduate and undergraduate levels. The degree types are Bachelor’s, Associate, Masters, and Doctorate.

The courses of marketing management include many and are explained as follows:

Principles and Practices of Marketing: This is an introductory and basic course which aims for the students to discover the many different steps involved in marketing a product.

This course also targets to provide themes and standards which are used to guide marketing professionals in making effective marketing campaigns. Students are taught how to examine and understand external environments as these can help quantify market demands and pressures.

The behavior of consumers

This course deals with how the consumers are important and the importance of understanding customers and their demands for gaining marketing benefits.

The course highlights how marketing has more to it than a marketing line, more important is the customer behavior which is a vital aspect of marketing. It is the study about how people make their choices about which products to buy, which products people need, and how they react towards a company and its services.

Marketing research is a special branch and essence of marketing management. It helps to solve the problems involved accurately, efficiently and systematically.

 This course is ideal for students who have a business in their mind, as the tasks involved are extremely practical and hence benefit them to undertake researches which they can later apply in their real lives.

This is important for a business of all kinds; if it has already started or if it’s in the starting phase, to find out more about what the customer wants, and demands is always necessary.

 It teaches methods for the collection of data, how to tabulate it and how to analyze different marketing information from different business markets.

Professional selling

The theory of sales will be taught to students in this course and professional sales practices will be taught. Entrancing strategies, developing of accounts, and negotiation is learnt as major key features. This course is designed to help students develop skills they need to do good when they go in sales oriented jobs. These courses may also help towards other advanced business electives for other business majors.

Marketing strategies

Business world changes rapidly, the environment is never constant. This course teaches the students to come up with ways to develop plans for good marketing according to the demands of the often-changing field in which they work. It broadens up their mind and instills in them new ideas and the ability to plan effectively to bring about successful actions.

The different degrees found in marketing management programs that we mentioned above as well will now be discussed to bring forward basic coursework of each in most of the institutions in the States and UK.

Associate of Arts

Students who become a part of the associate's degree in marketing management discover the roles of marketing managers and examine consumer behavior and attitudes. This can occur in traditional as well as new mediums. The course-works in this produce student for various careers in the marketing field such as merchandising, buying and promotion of products and sales. Marketing principles, communication, business law, advertising, and sales are some typical courses found in the associate's degree at different universities.

Bachelor of Science

This degree brings students further and introduces them to marketing and sales. They learn tactics and strategies to move products from a business to a customer.

The degree prepares students for careers specifically in administration with different corporations, manufacturers and advertising agencies. The degree may require students to have a high school diploma, and entrance exams scores. Business communication, accounting, ethics in business, and management principles are some other topics taught in the degree which cover promotions and public relations.

Master of Arts

This degree covers advanced details and topics including buyer behavior, and planning that is good and strategic. Promotional techniques are taught to students to lead a promotional team with success.

The degree at most institutions mostly requires the students to have a bachelor's degree, GRE scores, transcripts, recommendation letters, and impressive portfolios. Online marketing, international marketing, marketing strategies, and advertising are some other salient courses which can teach students advanced marketing theories and practices in the business field.

Doctoral Program of Management

This program draws on different disciplines for students to search on which are related to the immediate and the coming needs of the customers. Students in this program can work with the marketing faculty and thus get engaged in a wider spectrum of learning and growing with opportunities. With a combination of various methods which include field-based and disciplinary methods, students are enabled to master their research skills which are directly concerned with business issues.

Popular career options for people who get a degree in marketing management include becoming a successful product manager, a successful brand manager, a researcher, a marketing representative, etc.

Marketing management majors as admission representatives can help admission offices in various institutions for promotion by using their skills in research and marketing knowledge. Marketing majors with a good qualitative and analytical background with good research skills can investigate becoming a market research analyst. These carry out assessments of the reactions of different consumers to new products. Other career options include:

  • Advertising Art Director
  • Marketing Executive
  • Public relations account executive
  • Social Media Manager
  • Media buyer
  • Media planner

The above are the career options that are directly linked with the degrees students get in marketing management. Career options that can make use of these degrees include:

  • Event Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Web Content Manager
  • UX designer
  • Business Manager/ Advisor

Let us now look at the reasons to study market management at graduate or undergraduate levels.

Firstly, a degree in marketing means that you can carry out a combination of different courses, which do not have to be based on just one subject. The degree is open-ended, and hence you can tailor your career into something you are passionate about and skilled at. 

Secondly, in the marketing and management world, there is an immense internationally diverse student body. This is valuable to market managers as an accumulation of diverse managers can lead to utilization of important contacts from each other.

Thirdly, marketing management has a diverse career choice to it. The roles you can get as one fall within a wide range. These can be data-based, research-based, promotion of a product or service and analysis of consumer behavior. Also, marketing helps you find work in many fields. Marketing does everything for you except limiting your career prospects; it widens up your choices and goals.

Marketers will always be in demand, and hence it is a good career choice. A degree in marketing and that too from a top university will help you provide skills which can be made use of without the boundaries of time and date. The gifts of the profession will never become redundant.

There was a time when marketing management was formerly taught as an additional module to a business degree, but now it is taught and offered at different universities in USA and UK as an individual discipline.

 Studying marketing management at UK universities will not only open students to many opportunities but will also give them the chance to build important contact and gain skills that can be made use of in all business sectors.

Almost all the universities that are situated in the United Kingdom offer a workplace to their students to help them gain experience in marketing management. The marketing UK entry requirements are mostly the following:

Typical International Baccalaureate requirements: 30 points

  • Minimum A-level requirements: ABB
  • Minimum IELTS requirements: 6.0 score overall, and not a score lower than 5.5 in any single component
  • Marketing in the UK can be studied at many universities;the Guardian University Guide of 2019 lists them as follows:
  • Oxford University
  • University of St Andrews
  • Warwick University
  • University of Bath
  • Loughborough University
  • University of Buckingham
  • London University
  • Lancaster University
  • Durham University
  • University of Derby


Marketing Management can also be studied at the USA. Why the US? This is because, for beginners, US has one of the biggest marketing companies in the world. It is a great opportunity for foreign students to perfect the art of marketing with the US universities as they lead the race. Students who aim to study marketing at the States, they will find hundreds of options for themselves.

Universities like Mississippi State University offers effective and good programs, which can help students, earn respectable degrees in marketing management. When it comes to this area of study, international students won't ever run out of the different options US offers them because almost every institution at the States offers degrees in marketing management.

So, is Marketing Management degree worth it? Do you think it is suitable for you? Which university did you like the most to get into to get a good degree for the profession? The decision is yours; it will always be.

Decide on the basis of what you hope can help you achieve a good career. There is, and there will always be a demand for marketing professionals, and business around the world will continue to employ professionals so if you think this is where your interest lies then take a look at the coursework, which comes with the degree of marketing management majors. To top your decision, marketing jobs come with high earning potential. As always, if you are willing to put in work and effort then as a market manager you have the opportunity to earn an impressive check.


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