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16 Best Online Bachelor's in Management Accounting 2019

16 Best Online Bachelor's in Management Accounting 2019


With the growing education system, people from all over the world are realizing the crucial need to obtain an education. For that purpose, various degrees and specializing programs were created, and that gradually grew to handsome amounts of universities, courses, professors in the entire world.

With the appreciation and vastness of educational desires, students looking to obtain degrees then look for the most desirable institutions, and as mentioned, from the vast range of universities it becomes a heavy task for students to figure out which university they wish to apply for.

An issue often arises the location of those "desired" universities. Many people cannot either afford to travel to their pick, but for their ease, various universities have started offering proper and authentic online courses which are just as same as regular courses. The only difference is, some students may be physically present and some technologically.

This article breaks down 16 of the best universities which offer online degrees in Management Accounting for the year 2019. 


People often wonder the difference between just Accounting and Management Accounting; some even like to sweep in just Business and get more confused. These distinguishing’s have confused many and made them wonder what is really what.  Both degrees when completed make out workers, one with the name, Managerial Accountant and another is just Accountant. The word “managerial” gives a lot more meaning to the term than just the term Accountant.

A managerial accountant has the responsibility to stress use their brains, their intelligence and knowledge are what sets them apart from other positions. Their basic work includes analyzing data for whatever firm they are signed with. But with just working they also hold the liberty and authority to implement a policy and give ample ideas. In today's day and age, most people prefer to make it to managerial accounting posts because where even though accountants make good money throughout the year, managerial accountants make more. This goes to show that the market today prefers managerial accountants more and that is why this degree is opted for by most people.


This degree then further is stemmed into two terms, one which may be referred to BSBA, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration. While BSBA leans more towards the mathematical side of the Business world category, BBA leans towards theoretical frameworks in lines of finance. 

In the case of degree completion, when applying for a job, companies usually prefer BBA graduates because the need for analytical ability and the task to analyze have increased in number. BSBA graduates are not looked down upon but they are usually restricted to a spreadsheet task which they are definitely with.

We will list down a total of 16 universities that are offering well facilitated online programs for Bachelor’s in Management Accounting. They are in no particular order since each university is credible for the services.

Please note: the list below mentions brief introductions and summaries regarding the respective courses. In case of any confusion, any query or any misguidance, kindly consult the website of your required university. For further guidance, it is advisable to contact the University for more satisfying details.

 The universities mentioned below provide a rundown of fastest pacing universities in the field of Management Accounting and whether they provide online courses or not. However, all institutions below offer online courses; some are entirely online whereas some are a myriad and hybrid programs which require students to physically come on campus only when required or after a certain period during course completion.

The list below specifies the type of degree(s) each institute provides as well as the cost rundown for the entire program. Please note that each institute has intricate desires of their own and so must be personally contacted for father details of the program you wish to pursue. They will guide you with the required documents for admission purposes. 



However, we have arranged them in an order of expenses, ranging from reasonable, moderate to expensive where:

*$ amounts the range from $9,000 till $14,000
**$ amounts the range from $14,00 till $19,000
***$ amounts the range from $19,000 till $25,000
****$ amounts the range from $25,000 till $29,000
*****$ amounts the range from $29,000 and above

Listed below are ranked and rates as the best offering Online programs for Bachelor’s in Management Accounting 2019.


Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration- Management/Accounting

Located in Dallas, Texas, it is a private University and an Evangelical Christian school. They have multiple branches in Texas with the aim to provide education to all Texan civilians. The programs they offer are welcoming both to young adults and adults. The university comprises of ample space for movement and school study.

The university offers Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Accounting and prepares students directly for the market and sharpens their skills.

This campus and course, like most courses, also offers a four-year, 120 credit hour Business and Accounting course online which is very feasible for distant students.

The course, however, is not prerecorded and is classroom lecture based only.


Offered Degree: BBA (Bachelor of Business Admiration)

Established in 1899 under the name of Southwest Texas State Normal School, this university aimed to provide knowledge of agriculture and domestic science, but over the years the university firstly formed into a proper running university and introduced many new schools and departments. The university is big, both in space and enrolled students.

The Business department at Texas State University is more well recognized as the McCoy College of Business Administration. This program lets students take half of the course online and the other half by being physically present at the lectures. The need for physical presence was categorized so that better understanding and communication could be made possible. This is why a large population applies here since it is easily accessible.


Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration NIGHT program

UW Stevens, found in 1894. A small scale university which has now evolved into a fully functioning education platform.

For the Business and Economics program, the university offers both online and traditional forms of study.


Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

Established in 1883 under the name of Cleary School of Penmanship they properly evolved to Cleary Business School in 1991. This university is in the private sector as opposed to most others mentioned here. They have many online, easily accessible programs available online. So, this gives advantage to people who are not locals and desire the degree.


Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

Established in 1966 and referred to as UMC. One of the most credible universities for all majors offered.

Their Business program is technically BSBA but offers similarities with BBA. This program is completely delivered online, so it is very flexible for distant students who wish to apply for a credible Business school.


Degree: General Business Bachelor with focus on Accounting Management

Kansas State University’s Global Campus was first established in 1966 as K-State Global. They have always focused on distant teaching and learning. They are a complete online program campus with over above 70 courses available online in all forms of degrees (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral)

The Business program the university offers is also completely online but is General Business Bachelor degree program. It is a credible university and requires completion of 120 Credit Hours like all traditional universities.


Degree: Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The online course provided by this university is labelled as UAB online and offers various subjects to aspiring students both online and on campus. They are very famous for their diversity in offered programs.

UAB Online provides a BSBA degree and is very recognized for its authenticity. It offers complete online programs without the need to visit campus.


Degree: Bachelor of Science in Accounting

First established in 1875 as Park College now advanced and increased in size as Park University has over 41 campuses.

BSBA is offered at Park University and entirely online as well. Managerial skills and management courses are offered.


Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The University of Mary (North Dakota) was recognized in 1959 and was a private all women’s Christian college.

The University of Mary (North Dakota) offers both BSBA and BBA online. They are both affordable and credible. And prepares students for being career oriented.



Degree: Bachelor of Business and Administration or Bachelor of Science in Accounting

One of the largest campuses which was first found in 1869 offers various programs and has thousands of students enrolled.

The university offers online accounting programs as well as business and administration. 60 credit hours are assigned to each business program and divided into 8-week segments.


Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management
It was first found in 1957 and taught sciences and liberal arts in its initiation. Then it began offering more courses in 1978. It looks after the need of the Alaskan natives that apply for the course.

Their online Business programs are more specially designed for professionals. The courses focus a lot on health-care management, non-profit management and offers IACBE. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management program focuses more on skills.


Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

UMASS, short for University of Massachusetts AT Amherst, initially names Massachusetts Agricultural College was first established in 1863 and was originally a defense study college offering martial arts courses and military courses.

The Business school at UMAS is more widely known as The Isenberg School of Management and offers Bachelor of Business Administration degree physically as well as online. It’s a degree completion program so it is amazingly beneficial for distant students who cannot physically attend the university. However prior experience and knowledge in the field is required.




Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Shortly known as UIW, established in 1881 and is a private Catholic university. The university established into various programs around 1909.

The University of the Incarnate Word offers BBA for 120 credit hours total, and it is a full four-year degree program which is completely offered online. The courses are usually eight weeks long and six semesters in a year. Accounting degrees take up to 150 credit hours.  


Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration for second-degree seekers

First established and found in 1856 and kept evolving for different courses until it finally became a diverse university around 1964. This university was the first to enroll African American students and other minorities.

The school of Business is called The Raymond J Harbert College of Business and offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program and accountancy. The course requires 30 semester hours.



Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Management

First discovered in 1925, it is currently located in Connecticut and named after medieval scholar and philosopher. The university was a school designed for women and properly established as a degree school around 1992.

The business program of Albertus Magnus college is offered both on campus, off campus and online. It is a regular four-year degree program and was created with the thought of distant students. The online courses provide basic skills and then increase the intensity of the course. The offered program is a BSBA four-year course, offered online. It effectively targets Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and much more.



Degree: Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting Management

Established in 1898, initially for men, the Northeastern University slowly opened to women as well in 1948.

BSBA and BBA both are offered at Northeastern University, respectably in Accounting Management and Finance. Similarly, they have an online program for the degrees. The degrees master in both mathematical and analytical realms. Again, easily accessible for distant students.


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