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Top Business Marketing Universities in the UK

Top Business Marketing Universities in the UK

Top Universities for Bachelor in Business Marketing

Let me guess; you want to study Business Marketing because you've got a way with words, images, people and strategy but you cannot find the perfect place to go for your undergraduate program. We don't blame you. Choosing the perfect university is a tough task as there are so many things to consider; all of them offer different experiences, different subjects, and different courses.

But we have got your back, don't you worry. Since each college has its very own persona, we have listed down below the Top 8 Business Marketing Programs of 2019 to help you narrow down your research, and we have also given a few hints to guarantee that the university you pick is the best fit for you. So let's get down to business and help you find the perfect place to pursue your further studies.


1.University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

This University's Department of Marketing is one of the largest and oldest marketing departments in Europe. They have very strong links with commerce and industry and with public and third sector organizations in both the UK and abroad. They are committed to supporting and engaging in excellent research which generates real benefits for business, the education and learning experiences of their students and society.

Basic Details:

  • Top University Rank: #1 in the UK for Business Marketing
  • Cost of Attending: £9000
  • Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 21,210


2.University of Bath, Bath

In this University's Marketing Program, you will cover core subjects such as marketing, finance, and operations in the first year. In the second year, you'll develop the depth of your marketing knowledge and will be able to customize your studies with optional units. These will let you explore other areas of interest such as business law and emerging markets. In year three you'll apply your skills and knowledge on a placement year, and in the last year you will grow your marketing expertise with specialist units and develop a product from a brief, prototype it, and plan a launch.

Basic Details:

  • Admission Rate: 10-20%
  • Top University Rank: #2 in Marketing in the UK
  • Cost of Attending: £9,000
  • Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 15,155


3.University of Lancaster, Lancashire

Lacaster Universtiy Management School degree will give you a broad and practical understanding of how businesses and managers operate. Furthermore, you will gain an excellent grasp of the core principles of management studies.

Basic Details:

  • Admission Rate: 90%
  • Top University Rank: #3 in Business Marketing in the UK
  • Cost of Attending: £9,000
  • Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 13,336


4.University of Leeds, Leeds

In Leeds University's Business School you'll cover the core concepts, practices and techniques of management and marketing such as decision-making, marketing strategy, consumer behavior, marketing research, and advertising, and gain an understanding of the wider economic context of business. You'll also gain a foundation in the functions and processes of business such as accounting practices and supply chain management.

Basic Details:

  • Admission Rate: 75.4%
  • Top University Rank: #4 in Business Marketing in the UK
  • Cost of Attending: £9,250
  • Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 33,300


There you have it - Top 8 Universities found both in US and UK when it comes to Undergraduate Degree in Business Marketing. A marketing degree is currently a very popular choice among students as people who study this usually have a broad education in the different functional areas of business such as accounting, finance, management, and marketing research. They have an analytical mind and are great at decision-making skills. Not only that, they are well-versed in consumer psychology, unlike in other business fields, which is why they also know about the most important aspect of business - the customer. On top of that, a marketing degree is highly communication-oriented, which is one of the most significant skills that businesses seek in employees.

Before you make the big choice of choosing your desired university, do remember to go over the basics of the program to see if it fits your style of learning and your preferred method of study.

Hopefully, this article helped you find whatever you were hoping to look for. The best of luck for your future!


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