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Effect of Trump’s presidency on US universities

Effect of Trump’s presidency on US universities

The appointment of Donald Trump as the President of US brought countless speculation in almost every aspect of the world’s functions. Whether it be education, trade or migration, the world continuously seems to be sitting at the edge of their seta, waiting to see what happens next. The universities in US are no separate case. Universities have expressed major concerns due to the fluctuations in educational policies since the Trump administration took over.


As a massive portion of the US universities’ students are immigrants, the universities are concerned for the future of those students and the institutions themselves. Given the frequent ups and downs in the international relations and the rapidly altering educational policies, numerous institutions have expressed their dissatisfaction with the step that Trump’s administration has been taking in the educational sector. It is not only the future of the immigrant students, in jeopardy, it is the educational sector that seems to be facing serious difficulties in maintaining its balance.

Other than the policies, the unpredictable and always fluctuating international relations of the US with other countries have caused a sharp decrease in the number of foreign students, who came to study in US. With a fall in these students who paid highly for the US education, universities are experiencing a dip in their revenues; another major concern for these education institutions. The changes being initiated in the financial structures and financial policies are also a point of concern for the universities.

US higher education is expensive indeed and most of the families need state assistance to get their children through the higher studies. However, what with the changes in these policies, no one has an idea what might happen next or what long term effects would these policies have. Due to these uncertainties, parents are not sure whether to enroll their children for higher education just now or wait and watch to see how circumstances unfold.


The immigrant students already enrolled in the US universities have been known to reach out to counselors lately in order to discuss the future prospects. Numerous students are contemplating their decision to study in US and are looking for alternate options for transfer. Such cases will not only effect the universities’ functioning, it will also have a potential effect on the job market because fewer fresh graduates would be available to be appointed by the firms, which will gradually affect the US economy.


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