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8 Incredible Ways to Spend Your Time Abroad

8 Incredible Ways to Spend Your Time Abroad

Have you thought about spending some time abroad, but you do not know what to do? It does not matter if you just finished your studies, want a plan for the summer or, simply, you want to take a break from the daily routine, and there is a suitable option for everyone. This is our list:

1. The Classic: A Course of Languages Abroad

You can study the language you choose in your ideal destination: London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo. The sky is the limit and you can explore the world, one language at a time. Most of the courses abroad are highly personalized: content, intensity and duration, everything depends completely on you. Depending on your schedule, you can take full advantage of your free time by visiting different places, having fun with your friends, engage with your hobbies and studying for a language proficiency exam such as the Cambridge exam.

2. Professional Reinforcement: Practices Abroad

Doing internships abroad can be a great springboard to get the specific professional career of your dreams, or a great, exciting and revealing way to try different professions in which you are interested. You can show your future employers that you are independent, gained valuable work experience and, of course, reinforced the language skills related to your desired career. At this point, let's not forget the need of confidence in yourself and the networks of friends and future colleagues around the world that you will achieve after doing multiple internships abroad.

3. The Change in University Life: Semester Abroad

After a year or two spending at the college, a semester abroad can be a great way to stimulate not only your studies but also your resume. You will continue attending classes related to your field, while you will experience life at a different university and in a different country, making new local and international friends.

4. Long Term: Study Abroad

If you are interested in spending a long period abroad, consider finishing your bachelor’s or master’s degree in another country. In the United Kingdom, the duration of a master's degree is one or two years (it is usually one year, unless it falls under the various research centric qualifications) and, in addition to obtaining your degree, you will greatly improve your level of English (or any other regional language where you have studied).

5. The Immersion in a Family: Programs Au Pair

If you want to know in depth a new culture living with a local family and taking care of your children, being an au pair is an option to consider. The prerequisite is that you are between 18 and 26 years of age and can demonstrate experience caring for children, as a preschool or kindergarten teacher. A stay as an au pair can be very useful if you are interested in a professional career in education, it is a perfect way to spend time abroad without having to spend a lot of money, accommodation and food are usually provided, and you will even receive a small remuneration.

6. The Adventurous Route: Work and Travel

If you are the one who loves adventure, it may be appropriate to get a temporary or seasonal job in another country. It is one of the most authentic and exciting ways to explore a new country, but it requires some planning and flexibility. Living in a hostel, working in the field, as an office assistant, doesn’t reflect everyone's interest, but you can get to know the local lifestyle in depth and, if you do not like the place or your work, you just have to move to another city.

7. The Seasonal Journey: Summer Schools

Summer schools are an excellent opportunity to test the university life in another country. You will take advantage of your summer holidays to study abroad, meet students from all over the world and explore another country. The summer schools are ideal for taking a small vacation, you will learn something and you will also have plenty of time to make trips and excursions.

8. Change the World: Volunteering

If you want to do something good and see the world at once, you should consider volunteering. No matter what training or experience you have, there are many organizations that need your support and dedication. While doing something good, you will learn a lot about yourself, you will get to know a new culture and you will improve your linguistic skills, volunteering is really a lasting gift.

Going abroad is always a great idea, no matter how your itinerary is and it does not matter how you end up doing it. You will acquire valuable experience, improve your language skills, make new friends and expand your horizons. Spending an entire season abroad can change your life.


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