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Education is becoming more global — for those who can afford it

Education is becoming more global — for those who can afford it

Globalization has taken over the 21st century, bringing the world closer together. The phenomena are no longer limited to economic development only; it now targets higher education as well. Every year the number of overseas students enrolled in US colleges and universities increase as the world continues to establish connections with international campuses.

Benefits of globalization

Increased globalization is bringing a world of opportunities for international and domestic students alike. There is increased diversity and greater global perspective in classrooms and campuses. However, there are many unforeseen disadvantages as well that those universities should consider.


Problems with globalization

Globalization is increasing the gap between the developed and the developing countries. For companies to be able to compete on a global level, it is important that they have the necessary communications infrastructure and production system so they can better process information and reap the benefits of globalization. Also, the citizens of those countries should have access to the information and ability to participate and get creative with this information.

Developing countries, however, can’t keep up with the fast pace and are left in the void, unable to reap the benefits of globalization. There are trapped in an endless cycle of poverty. These are the students that need education the most in order to get upward mobility. However, only the ones that belong to wealthy families can afford a globalized and technologically advanced education.


Other issues of globalization

Another crucial issue that needs to be analysed is that how globalization influences universities to make education accessible for all communities. The ‘American' education system is given a lot of focus which diminishes the interconnectedness that globalization stands for. Universities have made it mandatory for students to communicate in English.

If the case remains the same, then the globalization of education will only cater to those that can afford it which would defeat the purpose of globalizing education in the first place.

In order to make education globalized and to create an interconnected education system, the costs associated with it should be lowered so that everyone gets the same chances. The world needs to realize that education is everyone's right and it should not be a privilege that only some can afford.


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