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The 5 best American cities for young college grads

The 5 best American cities for young college grads

You live in your perfect bubble when you’re in university, blissfully unaware of the trials that await you in the real world. Transitioning from college to the real world can be hard. To make things a little better for you, we picked out the best cities where you won’t have to choose between a paycheck in your pocket or a roof over your head.

1. Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA

Median rent: $2650

Home to the headquarters of Microsoft and Amazon, Seattle residents with a bachelors degree earn the 11th highest salaries in the US. It has an unemployment rate of only 3.2% and offers better job prospects than many other big cities. The city does have a relatively higher rent than other cities, but it has a number of opportunities for growth.


2. Kansas City, MO-KS

Median rent: $850

With a 33% job posting rate and ample entertainment establishments, this is an ideal city for recent graduates to start their professional lives. There are a lot of job opportunities for graduates with a Business degree to earn $2700 each month.

3. Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI

Median rent: $1600

Minneapolis ranks number 1 when it comes to affordable housing. It also has a high rate of job postings for recent graduates due to a fast-growing tech sector.The average monthly income of a resident of Minneapolis with a bachelors degree is $2600.

4. Indianapolis-Carmel, IN

Median rent: $995

Indianapolis is an ideal place to kick-start your career without becoming broke. This city is right behind Minneapolis when it comes to the affordability of rent. With a number of job opportunities related to business and technology, this city is a very feasible option for fresh graduates.

5. San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco, CA Metropolitan Division

Median rent: $4300


More than 50% of the adults in this city have completed college. With Silicon Valley being situated nearby, graduates with a tech degree earn a median salary of $68,400. This is the second highest wage in the country. However, housing in San Francisco may not be a very feasible option. Renting out a place here can take up to 26% of your median salary. If you're lucky enough to start your career in one of the leading, high paying companies here, you might just be able to afford rent!

Finding a job and affordable housing isn’t easy. Moving to a different city may lead to better financial opportunities. Where you choose to live after you graduate may depend on your field of work, family, and other factors, but it also determines where you will likely spend the next three years and possibly where you will start your first career.


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