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What are colleges looking for in high school students?

It is the dream of high school students to get into the college they love and pursue a career in the field they want. But aside from choosing so many colleges to attend, are you sure what these colleges are hoping you will posses? They may never put up a list of the things they want you to have but they do have their checklist, ready and waiting to see what you have to bring to the institution in making them serve you better.

Here are just a few of the elements they look for:

  • A comprehensive high school curriculum

Whether you want to believe it or not, they take into consideration the courses you covered in high school and see how well you were able to master a challenging curriculum. Also, they look for possible awards you may have gotten to assist in proving your educational successes.

  • Steady and stronger grades

Are you an already A student? Great! But what about those who may have been below that standard; were your grades getting better each time you were assessed? If so, then this may put you a little higher on their acceptance list because they see the passion to grow and excel.


  • Involvement in school activities

They see how well you got engaged in the various activities of your school and your level or participation in each. Also, if you were able to land a few of those leadership positions, that’s not so bad either.

  • Community Service

They are looking for academic successes yes, but they are also seeking persons who find a passion in being involved in community development and growth.

  • Well written essay

Your admission essay says a lot about who you are, your values and goals and what you have to offer society in general when you leave. How you structure, what you say and how you say it, means a lot to them.

  • Other special qualities

No matter how simple it may seem, do your best at presenting it well. Not because it may not seem like a big deal, trust that it is and they are looking out for it. For example, your special skills and talents which the college itself could help use to build and grow you for further success.



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