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Noel-Baker Academy (Academy Sponsor Led)

Derby, Derwent Campus, Bracknell Drive, Alvaston, Derby DE24 0BR, UK

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DE24 0BR



5 - 12

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Middle scuola

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Noel-Baker Academy is a sponsor-led school located in Derby, UK. It offers a wide range of classes and disciplines for students of all grades. The academy provides excellent facilities including well-equipped classrooms, a library, science labs, computer rooms, and sports facilities. Students have the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, music, and clubs. Noel-Baker Academy aims to provide a well-rounded education, focusing not only on academic excellence but also on the personal and social development of students. The academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a range of subjects including English, mathematics, science, humanities, languages, and vocational courses. The teachers at Noel-Baker Academy are highly qualified and experienced, dedicated to providing a supportive learning environment. They use various teaching methods and strategies to cater to different learning styles and abilities. Pros: - Wide range of classes and disciplines - Excellent facilities - Opportunities for extracurricular activities - Dedicated and experienced teaching staff Cons: - Location may be inconvenient for some students - Limited availability in certain disciplines Overall, Noel-Baker Academy is a reputable institution that aims to foster the academic, personal, and social growth of its students. With its excellent facilities and dedicated staff, the academy provides a conducive learning environment for students to excel in their studies and explore their interests. Noel-Baker Academy is a sponsor-led school in Derby, UK offering a range of classes and disciplines. The academy provides excellent facilities and opportunities for students to excel, but may have limited availability in certain areas. Overall, it is a reputable institution with a well-rounded education.
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