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Phillips Elem

Hampton, 703 Lemaster Ave, Hampton, VA 23669, USA

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Phillips Elem Hampton is a school located at 703 Lemaster Ave, Hampton, VA 23669, USA. The school is known for offering a comprehensive education to students of all grades. The curriculum at Phillips Elem Hampton includes a wide range of classes and disciplines, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. In terms of classes, students at Phillips Elem Hampton learn core subjects such as mathematics, science, English language arts, and social studies. Additionally, they also have the opportunity to explore various other disciplines, including art, music, physical education, and technology. This allows students to develop their interests and skills beyond academics. The school provides various facilities to support learning and development. These may include well-equipped classrooms, computer labs, library, playground, and sports facilities. These facilities enhance the students' learning experience and provide opportunities for physical activity and creative expression. One of the pros of attending Phillips Elem Hampton is the strong academic programs. The school maintains high educational standards and strives to ensure that students receive a quality education. The teachers at Phillips Elem Hampton are knowledgeable and dedicated to their students' success, creating a supportive learning environment. However, it's worth noting that Phillips Elem Hampton may have limited extracurricular activities compared to some other schools. While the focus is primarily on academics, students may have fewer options for participating in clubs or sports teams. It's important for parents and students to consider their extracurricular interests when choosing the school. In summary, Phillips Elem Hampton in Hampton, VA provides a diverse curriculum for students of all grades. The school offers a range of classes and disciplines, with facilities that support learning and development. Pros include strong academic programs and dedicated teachers, while potential cons may include limited extracurricular activities.
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