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Arizona Teachers Vote in Favor of Statewide Walkout

Arizona Teachers Vote in Favor of Statewide Walkout

The efforts of educators are often overlooked and mostly undermined, the case is no different in the United States, and Arizona educators have joined together and voted in favor of a statewide protest. They protest on low wages and for an increase in school funding.

The education sector as a whole has been overlooked for a long time, and that has had an impact on the level of schooling taking place. It's simple, you won't get the best educators if the incentives are low, and the good educators that you have won't stay for long if the circumstances don't change.


The protests have taken place in Republican-dominated states and have come as a political shock to the GOP as their base is now asking for a raise in taxation and an increase in school funding.

The protests managed to get a $2000 raise in February, and a threat to walk out again in Oklahoma gathered a raise of an additional $6000. However, there's still protest going on regarding raising pension and incentives for educators, and to raise the level of schooling by gathering more funds so that students can have at least a parallel educational experience to that of private schools.

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