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Poorest School Districts Get Less Funding

Poorest School Districts Get Less Funding

In nearly more than half of the states located in United States, the districts that are poor does not receive enough funding in order to address to the educational needs of their students. Just a recent data point shows the funding gap which effects the public educational system in the country.

The findings show that the school districts that experience the highest poverty rate receives approximately $1000 less per student in local funding and in the state as compared to those school districts with low poverty rates.


Funding gaps however is seen to vary from state to state, for instance the states like New York, Illinois, Missouri and Alabama are ranked as the worst. In the state of Illinois, for instance, the districts which were the poorest received around 22% less local and state funding as compared to lowest poverty districts.

The findings also show huge funding disparity among the districts that rise on the color, shows an even greater disparity than poverty levels.        

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