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How (and Why) Ed-Tech Companies Are Tracking Students’ Feelings

How (and Why) Ed-Tech Companies Are Tracking Students’ Feelings

Ed-Tech Companies have been involved in keeping a track of the students’ mindsets and feelings with the help of facial recognition, wearables, high-dimensional psychometric profiling' and empathy technology with an end goal to push these students to perform better.

All school years, Kaylee Carell has been involved in viewing math videos online with the help of a free software known as Algebra Nation.


While doing this what this student of 8th grade was not aware of was the fact that the software that she was using to watch videos online was also watching her.

As a part of her homework that was assigned to her at night, Kaylee Carell may start watching a video, where she would watch an instructor who would be explaining a concept, the benefit of watching such vide was that she could rewind the video to review, as well as pause the video while solving a problem when she was ready to do so. She was also provided with the facility to post questions on the wall of this particular software incase if she had any queries or needed extra help to clear her concepts.

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