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Heat isn't just a nuisance to students; it's a barrier to learning

Heat isn't just a nuisance to students; it's a barrier to learning

Administration and teachers are well-aware that sweltering classrooms can be harmful both physically and mentally. Overheated classrooms are not conducted to learning and make teachers and students fatigues and lose focus.

“Heat and Learning” a recent released research has quantified the effect of heat on students learning. The PSAT/NSMQT scores of 20 million students from the U.S was examined from 2001-14.

The focus of the study remained on those individuals that rook the test twice, in the fall of grade 10 and 11 to measure the improvement shown in math and verbal scores. The federal weather sensors were also measured to see the temperature that these students experienced in that particular time period.


Three findings were concluded from the study. The first finding showed that hot school years delay student learning greatly. Second, the impact of the heat mask a large difference in terms f income and race. Third, air conditioning in schools can greatly solve this problem.

Consider this, had there been no air conditioning in offices, employee would get a lot less done in a day and even go home earlier. The same expectations apply to the work environment being provided to children and teachers.

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