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The Disappearing American Grad Student

The Disappearing American Grad Student

At New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, 80% of undergrad students are U.S. resident. The number is reversed at graduate level.

People from all over the globe come to the U.S. to pursue a graduate degree. The swirl of diverse cultures is reassuring but at the same time it is invigorating.

According to the Council of Graduate Schools and the Graduate Record Examinations Board, 55% graduate students enrolled in mathematics, computer sciences and engineering are international students. However, the percentage is lower in arts and humanities and business.


Even in STEM fields that serve as a talent pipeline for companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, a higher percentage of international students are enrolled rather than domestic students.

This gap is due to one major reason, the booming job market in the technology. Americans usually do not opt for an advanced degree as they have many other professional opportunities present. Another reason is the high fees charged for these advanced degrees.

Both universities are employers are eager to explore the talent of these international students that will help them grow and stay competitive. The graduate programs also have a financial incentive that makes them more attractive. Though, all of this is now in jeopardy due to the harsh immigrant policies.

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