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Massachusetts students lead US in Advanced Placement exams

Massachusetts students lead US in Advanced Placement exams

In recent tests conducted by non-profit group, it can be seen that students from Massachusetts have scored the highest in Advanced Placement tests. The College Board released a report that showed that 32% of students scored 3 and above on at least one test.

On a national level the score was 22.8%. Massachusetts has scored the top spot for the second time in a year. President and CEO of College Board, David Coleman said, “Massachusetts wins the prize. It is the state for two years running that has most expanded both access and performance, simultaneously."


The Gov. of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, is proud of its schools and the students. He said, “Our state is focused on providing kids from every ZIP code with a quality and affordable education from early education to post graduate, and will keep working on opportunities to provide pathways to success for all.”

The College Board works with almost 22,000 high schools in the US and offers a variety of Advanced Placement courses. They also offer AP exams that are accepted by some colleges as course credit, if the student performs exceptionally well.

Students that have been succeeding in the AP test are mostly Latino and black students, making up almost 27% of those that have a score of 3 or above.

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