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Fewer New International Students Attending US Colleges

Fewer New International Students Attending US Colleges

It has been seen for the first time in the past 12 years that the number of international students who attend American educational institutes has decreased. The Open Doors report has been reporting and analyzing student exchanges at the American educational institutes since 1954.

This year, the number of international college students who came to America for studying purposes had decreased by about 10,000 as compared with last years statistics.

The main reason for this reported drop is economics. Higher education nationwide has become very expensive and keeps on getting expensive according to the stats of the past 30 years. The competition that U.S faces to provide good quality education keeps increasing over time.


However, it is worth noting that it is not just the economics that results in the decrease of international students coming to U.S for studying purposes.

The recent violent attacks and the ban on travel to U.S by several Middle Eastern countries are also major factors. Due to the violent attacks, such as the mass shooting in Las Vegas, students now think twice before applying to U.S as security has become the main concern. Also, many students who came from middle East were restricted due to the ban imposed.

Thus, you can’t blame one factor for this change. All the factors need to be equally considered to arrive at a conclusion.

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