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The hidden weakness of online education

The hidden weakness of online education

Distance education is fast becoming the norm. We ourselves study remotely, and our children are actively switching to online learning.
However, in addition to the advantages of distance learning, there are also disadvantages, often implicit, but very significant. Knowing the disadvantages, we, as parents, will be able to compensate them with our actions

Deficiency 1 - Weak Discipline

It’s hard for a child to keep focus on the lesson. Nearby is a favorite smartphone with games, toys, brothers and sisters and a lot of everything much more interesting in the moment than a lesson.
It is the parents who will have to make sure that nothing is distracting during the level of the child.

Deficiency 2 - Lack of feedback from student to teacher

As a rule, training is built according to the scheme from teacher to student. In remote mode, it is more difficult for a student to attract attention, and it is almost impossible for a teacher to “feel” the children.
Parents should talk with the child after the lesson, ask leading questions - maybe there were some interesting topics that the child was embarrassed to raise or questions that the child would like to ask. Having collected such questions, it is worth sending them to the teacher. It is possible that the teacher will answer them on the next task, and the child will feel that his opinion matters.

Deficiency 3 - Lack of socialization

Many still believe that children go to school to study :D This is partly true, but for the vast majority of children, this is primarily the acquisition of socialization experience - when there is a need to communicate and negotiate with other children.
Perhaps this is the main disadvantage of distance learning, which parents can not compensate for in any way, except how often to take the child to places where other children gather (circles, playgrounds, parks). Well, as soon as the child becomes a bit older - let him go out with his friends.


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