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5 Reasons Why the U.S. Education System Is Failing

5 Reasons Why the U.S. Education System Is Failing

There once was a time when the well-established system of education all across America was revered and seen as a benchmark for excellence. But when we look at the same education system today, we see that it has failed to adapt with the changing times. This is only an overarching reason for the failure of the system though, with the top 5 reasons discussed below.

No Involvement of Parents

The reason for this failure doesn't only fall on any one party; it falls on many. One such party is the parents themselves. Whereas before, students would go home and their parents would give them the time and help them reinforce what they learnt in school that day, now parents are nowhere to be seen, leaving students with only the school to learn from. And the school on its own unfortunately is not enough.

Overcrowded Schools

Students simply aren’t getting enough attention and care from their teachers as they should be. Because of the high number of students in school, it has led to an overcrowding phenomenon. The bigger the class means, the less focus each student is getting.

Negatives of Technology

While Americais thought to be a very tech-savvy nation, this does have many downsides when it comes to education. Students have now lost the capability to think and wonder since all the answers can be readily available to them online through a gadget. Even parents have stopped realizing this and are quick to hand a gadget over to their kidsto keep them preoccupied, not knowing the harmful effects of it all.


Decreasing in State Spending on Schools

The amount of money that the state sets aside for schools has decreased or been stagnant for a while now. A recent report published by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities shows that 34 states have decreased their funding to schools after the recession hit.

Outdated Teacher Training Techniques

While students have evolved with time, learning the new techs and trends of their time, the teacher training methods remain the same as always. For this reason, teachers are unable to understand and successfully communicate with their students, because of the huge difference in thinking.

Time for Improvement

The education system can still be salvaged if proper changes are introduced, such as proper training of teachers, greater funding for schools etc. Hopefully, this urgent need will be dealt with soon before it gets too late!


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