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7 Trends That Will Shape Business Education in 2018, According To Top Deans

7 Trends That Will Shape Business Education in 2018, According To Top Deans

Business Maestros suggest few trends each year that they assume, based on their experience and years of knowledge of the market scenario, will regulate the business education in next year’s. There are 7 trends which have been suggested by the business maestros and that are expected to run the course in 2018, i.e. this year.

  1. End of Gender Gap: It is predicted that gender gaps will be put to an end this year. Addressing the gender issues and the causes of gender gaps have been listed on the agenda for this year, and business schools will be looking for a possible and practical solution to end this problem once and for all.
  2. Digitalization: It is no news that the digital world is fast taking over every aspect of our lives, it is expected that it will be doing more so in the business world in this upcoming year that lies ahead. The students will now have greater access to different kinds of academic courses because of the wide options available online now.


  1. Virtual education: Business schools will be creating a world of virtual reality at their schools so that the students can be trained in dealing with a professional environment. This will also include practical exercises for leadership and management activities. Not only will this enhance their management skills but the implementation of a virtual reality modelwill also helps students in improving their interpersonal skills.
  2. Focus on future skills: The upcoming business schools plan on initiating courses and activities that teach and train students to develop skills which will be usable and handy in the future.
  3. Social Impact: It has been planned that immense focus will be placed on the impact on society of the policies and activities that are carried out in business schools. Students will be made to realize their responsibility as society members.


  1. Corporation collaboration: Business schools will be cooperating with standard businesses and industries to conduct workshops and activities which will train the students practically and teach them the dynamics of a real business world, making them mire sharp and trained for when they enter the world as employees.
  2. Machines: Technology upgrading will be taking place at a massive level this year. Business schools will upgrade their machines and other technological aspects to a maximum to become more compatible.


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